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Foto Body Painting Mirip Motor yang Menakjubkan

Ungkit - Foto bagaimana proses body painting sekelompok model yang bergaya seperti naik motor dan menjadi sepeda motor gede.

Foto menakjubkan ini Anda ingin pergi lebih cepat! Gambar yang menakjubkan dari model body painting ini  tercakup dalam Para atlet yang dicat dan dipasang bersama-sama selama lima menit tunas lebih dari 18 jam. Seperti yang ditulis di disitu tampak juga sosok Artist Trina Merry yang ikut berperan serta dalam pembuatan iklan sebuah sepeda motor gede.

Berikut Foto tersebut :

Engines racing: The incredible designs will be used to front a major motor show as it tours the U.S.

Racy creations: The models are covered with natural, hypoallergenic paints, which is touched up once they are in position

Masterful marvel: The cruiser bike is sure to impress motor enthusiasts when Trina Merry's Hollywood talent goes on the road

Out on a limb: Another view of the cruiser bike in this behind-the-scenes shot exposes the anatomy of the design

Erin Bates being prepared by a makeup artist
Trina Merry paints Erin Bates

Test run: Ms Merry trials her creations with unpainted rehearsals and careful designs before the real shoot takes place

Intertwined: The models practise their positions before stripping down for the shoot

Wheels of fire: Ms Merry's aim was to take the stereotypical image of beautiful women posing with a motorbike and turn it on its head by making the bike from the bodies

Erin Bates painted in the sports bike outfit
Erin Bates painted in the cruiser bike outfit
Erin Bates painted in the dirt bike outfit

Beautiful bodywork: The models hold their poses while Ms Merry accessorises with a final lick of paint

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