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Foto Lucu Gaya Anak-Anak Kreatif di Dunia

Ungkit - Beragam foto asli gaya dan model aksi anak yag kreatif di dunia. Foto-foto dibawah ini sebagai bentuk apresiasi dalam mengikutsertakan lomba di dalam sebuah kejuaraan Foto Gaya anak kreatif di salah satu negara di  Eropa.

Berikut Koleksi Fotonya :

British advertising photographer Tim MacPherson has a wonderful series of photographs showing children having fun in imaginary worlds created out of ordinary objects


Surf's up! Most children are content to make a den out of a table top and a sheet - but MacPherson puts a new twist on it using sheets and even white toy rabbits

Children are seen couch surfing, skiing down stairs, and horseback riding on shelves. The project is titled 'Kids at Home and Play'

Look out below! The artist was commissioned to create this picture for Sunberella, after his project became so popular

What an art attack! Taking everyday items, MacPherson plays around until he creates a new reality out of the ordinary

Using bunched up cloth, the British artist shows what can done with a little imagination

This child 'snowboards' down the stairs - with a little help from some sheets and some camera trickery

Tally-ho! The artist manages to find a way to bring pets into the home - including this 'horse'

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